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About Wowrack

Wowrack is a company that has products and services in IT needs. Wowrack started to give IT services in data center providers that have spread throughout the world, like Surabaya and Jakarta in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seattle USA, Buffalo New York, and Dallas Texas.

Wowrack already developed the services, especially for the Manage Service, Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery Plan, and Internet Service Provider needs. Wowrack always continue to improve service quality & product. Wowrack has expert IT team, as well as call centers & customer support who ready to reach our customers for 24/7. Wowrack, which has been certified ISO27001, also have standards data security at international level.


Being truthful with strong moral principles to everything we do to gain the trust and confidence of one another.


Being responsible to one another’s actions, decision and policies by acknowledging and assuming of those responsibilities.


Treating on another with care like we are one big family.

Excellence Customer Service

Serving our Customers with Excellency, Professionally and Ethically.


Being innovative in what we do but not just in technology but in helping to solve other problems as well.


Work together as a team that produces effectiveness and efficiencies.

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